Mountain Fog Creations is a one man, artisan woodworking studio based in Santa Cruz, California.

I build everything. Dining tables, benches, shelves, live edge resin tables, cutting boards to birdhouses and so much more! I just love being in the shop! It brings me happiness, that’s how my shop came to be. I went from requests from friends and neighbors to hopefully, you! My quest to create brings new builds and people into my shop, this I am grateful for.

I take great pride in doing things the right way, responsibly, and sustainably. Using eco-friendly finishes, sourcing lumber from local sawyers and arborist to aquire wood from trees that have fallen, or needed to be taken down for safety reasons. Drying and harvesting lumber from logs that are usually designated for firewood, to estate sales and reclaimed lumber. All of which are used in my creations.

These are some of the steps I take to ensure the future and health of our beautiful earth. I feel we have a responsibility to care for the forests and oceans. So I try my best to do that.

I encourage you to look through the gallery for inspiration or browse the goods here on my website.

Please contact me with any questions or custom orders through email at or through my Facebook page.
Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you!